Legendary Sports Prints

When we set up the company, the main goal we had in mind was how do we connect our sport art to the millions of sports fans in the world? The answer was simple.  We will offer original concepts that are extremely high quality at an affordable cost.  That is what we did.  We offer sports art at a price that any sports fan can afford.    

We are a collaborating small group of artists that have found a way to express our inner sports fan in a way that connects to everyone.  We all have our own styles that express our individual personalities.  Our hope is that the sports art relates to you on a personal level when you see it.      

The Art We Sell 

We sell high quality sports art prints framed and unframed at various prices.  Also, we have limited edition and originals for sale.  For originals, please contact dduffy@legendarysportsprints.com or call @ 1.866.926.8577. 


Are you an inspiring sports artist looking for a chance to showcase your work?  Contact us @ dduffy@legendarysportsprints.com.  We are always looking for new ideas or concepts.  We appreciate any feedback!