Daniel Duffy

Throughout his life Dan Duffy has had a passion for sports, art, and design. Dan was an award winning art major at North Penn H.S. in suburban Philadelphia and later graduated from the renowned Hussian School of Art in 2006. He participated in his high school golf and rugby teams and played rugby at the university level before entering Hussian. His love of sports has guided him to concentrate his art talents in the area of sports publication. 

In 2008, Dan wanted to get back to his art roots and combined his conceptual creativity along side his artistic talent and produced his first "word" illustration based on Barack Obama’s Inauguration Speech. Since then he has drawn a number of works including his signature piece for his beloved Philadelphia Phillies commemorating their 2008 World Champion Season. His original word illustrations are meticulously and painstakingly completed by a patient hand. He is continuing to create memorable works depicting great moments in the world of sports and history which will be marketed exclusively by Legendary Sports Prints, a leading publisher of fine art.